D&R is Turkey’s largest retailer of entertainment with wide range of books, albums, movies, electronics and hobby products and with more than 100 stores nationwide.

D&R continues to extend a branch into digital platform through its monthly interactive magazine D&R Life.  D&R Life has full interactive design format with rich content on art, music, film, book, technology, travel, culture, entertainment, products and special interviews.

D&R Life is both available on mobile and tablet devices and has been selected for exemplary work by Adobe on Showcase Gallery.


He lives in the present and in the past. He lives in fairy tales; takes part in the War of Independence of Turkey, we see him exploring the depths of the ocean, contributing to the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia, and reaching out into the outer space. The adventures of the Istanbul Gentleman Abdülcanbaz are beyond time and place. And they are now in your iPad.

Now the comic art fans worldwide are meeting the Istanbul Gentleman, Abdülcanbaz. Abdülcanbaz E-Adventures, tailored exclusively for iPad, will be published in 10 foreign languages, starting with Turkish and English.

Thanks to the Abdülcanbaz application in App Store, the famous Turkish comic book hero, the man-of-all-seasons Abdülcanbaz will be always with you, within your reach. Why not enjoy the world of Abdülcanbaz, the internationally renowned artist Turhan Selçuk’s legendary masterpiece? Why not start your collection by simply downloading the Abdülcanbaz application on your iPad? Let your iPad lead you to the amazing world of Abdülcanbaz, and accompany him through the exciting adventures...

Animators Festival.jpg

It all started with the production of short animations at the Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. Then came the Canlandıranlar Association and ASIFA Turkey. Since 2013, for both animation lovers and animation masters alike, there is a Canlandıranlar Animators Festival. You can now download the interactive festival catalog, featuring videos, in Turkish and English on your iPad.

Chp Istanbul Project Gazette

In the interactive magazine app designed to promote main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Istanbul Mayoral candidate Mustafa Sarıgül’s “Project Gazette” during 2014 mayoral election. The Gazette reveals 200 projects, which are set to be carried out during the five-year term of his mayorship, suggesting solutions for Istanbul’s problems and offering new ideas for transportation, energy sources, green areas, social and cultural life in the city. 


Why not take your life into your hands and re-shape it in the new year to be in tune with the rhythm of the universe! Written by Dr. Neşe Erdinç and Brigitta Edler and published by Cafe City Publications, the 2013 calendar “Moon‘s Facing Towards Us: 2013 Lunar Calendar” is adapted for iPad by Digital Tree Publishing.

In the Lunar Calendar 2013 iPad application, each day of the year 2013 is handled individually and in detail; calendar pagination is based on interactive calendar model and designed to include many other subjects of interest. This application will enable you to be in line with the rhythm of the universe day by day, to follow all those clues leading up to your very special personal rhythm and thus enhancing the quality of your life.

Digital Tree is proud to present D&R Life mobile and tablet application... (Video made by Digital Tree team)

Digital Tree is proud to present Istanbul Gentleman Abdülcanbaz’s Adventures tablet application... (Video made by Digital Tree team)



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